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You’re making good money. Start making great money.

You’re making good money. Start making great money.

63% of business owners work over 50 hours per week.

I want you to be in the 37% that don’t.

You’re a badass at what you do.

You built your career in the corporate world, took the leap, and turned your expertise into a business.

Now that you’ve been at this for a few years, you know you have something that sells. You’re past the “proving the concept” phase. Maybe you’ve even brought on a team member or two.

You’ve done a great job getting to this point. And you’re making good money.

But you don’t want good money.

You want great money.

I can get you there.

No one teaches you this part of running a business.

When you leave the corporate world and go out on your own, you have a vision of what life will look like.

You’ll have more freedom.
You’ll work from anywhere.
You’ll make great money.

But no one teaches you how to get there. Things like:

How to get leads.
How to have great sales conversations.
How to move potential clients down the sales process.
How to price yourself.
How to win new clients.
And not just any clients. The ones you really want.

And what happens after new clients sign on?
How do you do the work in a way that doesn’t leave you… overworked?
And how do you turn that work into referrals and upsells?

No one taught me either.

I struggled for years.

Like you, when I first started out, I didn’t know anything about how to sell, even though I had been in marketing for my entire career.

I didn’t know how to get new leads.

I didn’t know what to say to potential clients.

I didn’t know how to price myself or negotiate.

It got so bad that I even freaked out and went back to an office job.

I lasted six months before I realized that I really wanted to run my own business, and I needed to learn how to sell.

So I recommitted to my business, and dove into learning how to sign premium clients.

I developed a selling framework that works.

Through that process I developed a selling style that works, for three reasons. 

First, it’s not salesy. There’s nothing tricky or deceitful. It’s straightforward and honest.

Second, it’s based on building the relationship with clients, and based on the tremendous value I bring my clients. 

Third, it doesn’t make me feel uncomfortable or awkward. In fact, it feels natural, and I love it because I get to be myself.

But most importantly, it works.

It’s how I sold nearly $400,000 in web design services for my marketing consulting firm.

It’s how I sold nearly $200,000 in sponsorships for a first-time conference that no one had ever heard of, for an organization I co-founded less than a year before.


I started teaching other consultants and coaches.

So I started coaching other business owners, helping them learn how to grow their revenue.

When I started my coaching business, I actually wasn’t sure if what I had learned for myself would translate to my clients.

But I was wrong.


The results they’ve seen are pretty incredible.

One of my clients doubled her sales in the first year, and she’s on track to double again.

Another client signed her largest client ever.

Another client built her pipeline to over $100,000 in a few weeks.

That’s when I knew I was onto something.


Now I’m opening up my program to a new group of students.

I’m looking for badass consultants and coaches who want 2018 to be the year to take their business to the next level.

Who want to stop making good money, and start making great money.

Who want to stop running at 150%, and start having time for the thing that matter to them.

Who want to stop wondering when their business is going to take off, and start making it happen.


What do I mean by great money?

It’s unique to each person.

For some people, great money means making an extra $1,000, $5,000, or $10,000 per client.

For others, it means commanding a premium fee through high-value packages, and getting away from charging hourly.

Or making enough to take yourself on vacation. Or put a down payment on a house.

For many, great money also means the ability to support your life… while being able to spend time with family and friends. It’s quality of life, not just dollars.

Whatever your goal is, we’ll design a plan to get you there together.

Does this sound like something you could benefit from?

You’ve done a great job with what you’ve figured out so far. But what’s gotten you here, won’t get you to the next level.
Let’s get you making great money.


You’re ready for Mastermind 37.

Mastermind 37 is for women business owners who want to start making great money in their consulting and coaching businesses.

How we'll build your business

M37 focuses on the three most important parts of your business: YOU, YOUR CLIENTS, and THE WORK.


  • Own your awesomeness
  • Set the direction for your business
  • Discard the limiting beliefs that hold you back

Your Clients

  • Attract new clients consistently
  • Master the sales process
  • Command a premium fee
  • Work with the clients you want

The Work

  • Deliver the work efficiently
  • Make the admin side run smoothly
  • Use your incredible work to drive referrals and upsells

Why this Mastermind?

Because you’re tired of spending time in your business instead of on your business. M37 brings your focus on the business so you can learn, implement, and reap the benefits. Here’s what you’ll get with M37 and what makes this mastermind different:

From good money to great money.

You’ll learn how to price, package, and sell your services in a way that helps you make more and work less. If you’re charging hourly or you’re on the cusp of those $10k clients, let’s get you there and beyond. And you’ll work with me to implement every step of it.


Direct guidance and coaching from me.

M37 isn’t something where you sign up and never see me again. I’ll be down in the trenches with you making sure you succeed. You and I will work together directly and I’ll guide and support you every step of the way.


Mastery of B2B and B2C selling.

Most sales coaching programs will only teach you how to sell to individuals, however, B2B is a whole different ballgame. I’ll show you how to sell and close at both.


Guidance before, during, and after the sale.

Everything is connected when your business is yourself, so you can’t just solve one part at a time. (You can’t just get 50 clients tomorrow or else you’ll go insane). In M37, we’ll assess not only your sales and revenue, but how you’re delivering the work and running the admin side, so you can make great money without getting overwhelmed.


Support for your team.

You’re the boss, which means you’re busy AF. M37 is open to your admin, partners, and other team members so you don’t have to get bogged down in implementing your business strategy.


A badass tribe.

In M37, you’ll work alongside fellow badass women business owners like yourself, who share similar struggles and have unique approaches to running their businesses. The women of M37 will be your tribe supporting and helping you through your growing pains.


Questioning whether M37 is right for you?

I totally get it. Let me help you out.

This is for you if:

  • You’ve demonstrated there’s a market for your services.
  • You want to work hard with other women who are as serious as you are. This is the real deal.
  • You’re willing to invest time, money and mental toughness to build your business. I can help you figure out what to do and how to do it, but you have to be willing to do the work.
  • You want to make more money, and get more time back, but you don’t have a clear plan of how to do that.

This isn't a good fit if:

  • You aren’t sure whether there’s a market for your services.
  • You’re looking for a quick fix. Building a business that makes you money takes time and energy.
  • You run a side business or you’re a hobbyist. There’s nothing wrong with that, but M37 is for women who are all in.

Let's build your business together.

Mastermind 37 is for women business owners who want to start making great money in their consulting and coaching businesses.

"Your approach is tangible, accessible, and it works."

Amy Lazarus, Inclusion Ventures

"You really enabled us to hit the ground running."

Arlene Wanetick and Wilma Nachsin, Life Working, LLC

Working with Leah is like getting a shot of adrenaline for your business. She has this amazing ability to help you think bigger, take the necessary steps to bring your ideas to life, and grow your business. If you want the inspiration and tools to take your business to the next level, Leah is the one to call.

- Sativa Turner, DoubleDouble

I was blown away by Leah’s ability to quickly streamline our client acquisition process. Despite our complex needs, she listened intensely and quickly understood what we were trying to achieve and pinpointed exactly where people were getting stuck in our checkout process. In one hour we completely re-designed the process to tighten up our sales funnel, reduce the potential for human error (and the need for manual management!), and were left with a system to increase our revenue per sale. I felt like I had a life-altering breakthrough in my therapist’s office, but for my business! Leah is worth her weight in gold.

- Emilie Aries, BossedUp

Working with Leah has been a game-changer. I’ve had CRM’s before, but working with Leah I know that it’s set up in the best possible way to support and empower our business, and ensure that we’ll continue to use it – actually staying connected with people and closing deals. We couldn’t have done it without her deep understanding of the sales process, her help thinking through how to move opportunities forward, and her ability to mold the CRM so we can use it as the engine to grow our business. In the early stages of a new business it can be hard to make the decision to invest in systems, but getting Leah’s help is some of the best money we’ve spent so far and it was worth every penny.

- Kathryn Poindexter, Campaign Greenhouse

Working with Leah on the way I talk about myself and my business, my messaging went from “pretty good”, to absolutely compelling. She helped me crystallize what I do, and the value I provide, in a crisp, clear way.

I can tell a noticeable difference in my conversations with clients. The other day when I used the new messaging, it sparked a completely different and more productive conversation. Talking about my business value with Leah’s messaging, the response was immediate: “We need to have LEADright do this. We don’t need to search for anyone else.”

- Dr. Tony Lamair Burks II, LEADright

It’s already working! I tried your recommendation yesterday – not only did it work really well, but it completely sped up the process of getting a client to sign her contract! Thanks Leah!

- Cheryl Susman, Cheryl Susman Coaching

Leah has helped me unlock the secret to growing my sales. I’d always had a tough time with sales because it was impossible to juggle selling with everything else on my plate. I’d meet potential clients, but then I didn’t have a good way to follow up with them, so they’d fall through the cracks. It was also hard for me to really prioritize where to spend my time. I kept everything in my head which makes it nearly impossible to do business development in any thoughtful way.

With Leah helping me, I feel like I’ve really unlocked an important tool. I have a way to stay organized, and I know exactly where to focus my energy. I also have an incredible visibility into my pipeline, so I know how much revenue I stand to make in a way I never have before. And I finally have a way to do outreach to potential clients in a meaningful way.

But beyond what I can do now, I think the biggest change is in how I feel: more confident about selling, more in control, and finally able to go out and grow my revenue.

- Paula Brantner, Workplace Fairness

After talking to Leah for just a short time, I instantly understood why she’s so good at what she does. She’s thoughtful, strategic, and committed to her clients, and she’s dedicated to providing business owners with tools to approach their own clients in a smarter way. Leah has a knack for seeing through what feels muddy; she brings instant clarity. Leah’s ability to weave together her creativity and business expertise is impressive. When we spoke, Leah identified new opportunities for generating revenue, and I put one of those into practice later that day!

- Lisa Lazarus, Lisa F. Lazarus Consulting

Leah has this exceptional ability to help you cut through self-doubt, quiet the noise, and help you step into your awesomeness. She has a gift for understanding what’s holding you back, then not only empowering you, but mapping out ways to help you overcome your roadblocks. I consider myself lucky to have her in my corner.

- Courtney Wallace, Hyphen Digital

Leah really helped me look at the sales process in a whole new way and helped me turn contacts into clients. I am sure there are many out there just like me that keep doing the same thing over and over again without realizing how bad it is for business. Thank you Leah for everything!

- Maja Galic, Clearmint Creative

Leah’s coaching elevated our fundraising to a whole new level. She brought a sales mindset to our fundraising, and helped me approach partners in a thoughtful, direct way that delivered strong results. She’s a master at identifying gaps in process and solutions to fill those gaps. She asked the right questions at the right times and brought a level of strategy to our work that was much needed.

- Carrie Rich, The Global Good Fund

Leah’s program is a complete business growth kit. From gentle nudges to thoroughly well thought out ways to approach business prospects, Leah consolidates all of her business expertise into an easy-to-follow game plan for business development. It’s fun and challenging, and generates success.

- Joanna Brody, Brody PR

Your Coach: Leah Neaderthal

Your Coach: Leah Neaderthal

I help expertise-based business owners learn how to grow their revenue, bring on amazing clients, and build incredible businesses.

I didn’t learn to sell by being a commissioned salesperson. I learned by building my own businesses. I taught myself everything I could about selling, and overcame the natural “selling shyness” most entrepreneurs have, to find the confidence to really go out and sell to new clients. The outcome is a comfortable selling approach that doesn’t feel salesy — and gets results.

Now I share the secrets I learned along the way, helping entrepreneurs set up their sales operations, grow their client pipeline, and confidently guide prospects from first contact to a successful close.

Before starting Growthworks Solutions, I built, grew and sold three businesses. Most recently I co-founded Lesbians Who Tech, a global organization to foster more LGBT women in technology; and I co-founded Lean Impact, where I helped nonprofits use Lean Startup principles to increase their impact and run their businesses more efficiently. I started my first business, a cycling-focused website, in 2008.

When I’m not coaching clients, I’m riding my road bike with my wife, or playing with my puppy.

Join me.

Mastermind 37 is for women business owners who want to start making great money in their consulting and coaching businesses.
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